Outdoor Lighting

We are a premiere provider of Gemstone Lights, outdoor architectural LEDs that are thoroughly customizable and highly durable.

Control your Lights with your Smartphone

Bring your home to life with any choice of color and change it all year round! With Gemstone Lights and the accompanying mobile app, changing your lights to fit the season or mood is easier than ever. After just one installation, you will have the ability to change the hue of the lights, the brightness, pattern, and animations all from your smartphone. 


Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Not only do we install outdoor lighting to your home’s exterior, we can also integrate lighting to your outdoor landscaping This includes illuminating trees, pathways, plants and more!


Permanent Holiday Lighting for Every Occasion


Warm Home Lights

Make yourself at home! Adjust the warmth of your lights to create an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

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Maximum Brightness

Light up the night with more neutral white options for the brightest outdoor lighting experience.

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Holiday Patterns

The Gemstone Lights app comes with a set of prebuilt patterns and colors for Christmas, Halloween, and more!

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Complete Control

Create a lighting system that is completely unique to you! Save custom colors and lighting patterns.

Screened Enclosure Lighting

Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with screened enclosure lighting.

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Gemstone Lights Features

Gemstone Lights now include a Warm White LED feature for soft, bright lights. Create a welcoming atmosphere that’ll make you and your guests feel right at home!

Mix and match any color combination you can think of with a wide selection of hues, brightness, saturation, and vibrance. The possibilities are endless!

Gemstone Lights are built to last even in harsh weather conditions while maintaining their bright quality. Heavy rain will be no match for your home lighting’s shine.

Control your lighting system on the go from your smartphone at any time. The Gemstone Lights App makes changing your home lights simple and efficient.

Change your lights automatically based on the time of day. Even set repeating timers for specific days of the year such as holidays and birthdays.

Set your lights to turn on and off automatically based on your location. Not only is this feature convenient, its also a great way to save on electricity!

Our installation team works to install a system that is custom-made for your home. Light up anything from the exterior to the porch to the walkway and more!

Gemstone Lights are capable of shining as bright as you need. They can also be dimmed and adjusted to fit any occasion that needs more subtle lighting.

Gemstone Lights offer a 5-year warranty on their lighting systems in case they need maintenance. However, their lighting systems are built to last and are expected to function for 50,000 hours of active use!

The Gemstone Lights App makes changing lights as seamless as possible. The intuitive design makes it easy to adjust lights in real time and get new patterns in frequent updates! Available on Apple and Android.

Gemstone Lights In Action

View our gallery to see how Gemstone Lights can help light the night and brighten your home. Browse a variety of homes with multiple styles of lighting.

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Get In Touch

Want to know more about Gemstone Lights? We’d be happy to help! Get into contact with us and we’ll answer anything you need to know about equipping your house with bright, customizable LEDs.

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