Forever Lighting Features & More

Dynamic Control​

Change your lighting hues, patterns, and brightness at any time from your smartphone. Available on both Android and iPhone.

Lasting Durability​

Gemstone Lights are long-lasting LEDs designed to shine bright after years of harsh weather and extended use.

Adjustable Brightness

Gemstone Lights are capable of shining brighter than most modern LEDs. However, you are able to lower the brightness on your Gemstone Lights as much as you like for more subtle home lighting.

Installation & Support

Our installation team works to make setting up your new LED system as seamless as possible. 5-year warranties are also available to help secure your lighting system's longevity.

Full Spectrum Of Colors

Personalize your lighting to your heart's content with a few taps on your phone. Create beautiful displays with multiple colors that take full advantage of Gemstone Light's HD displays.

Durable & Waterproof

These LED systems are made to last and withstand harsh weather conditions for many years. Heavy rain and wind are no problem for Gemstone Lights; they're highly resistant to the great outdoors.

Time Controls & Schedules

Automate your lighting system to change dynamically based on the time of day. Set timers for different parts of the day to load saved presets for brightness, pattern, color, etc.

Common Questions

Gemstone Lights has been fully operational since 2016.

Proudly, Gemstone Lights was researched, developed and founded in Calgary Alberta. Almost all of our products are built and assembled out of Calgary’s Head Office and manufacturing shop, some parts come from China, such as the LED lights. Gemstone Light products are distributed to Authorized Dealers all over North America.

Gemstone Lights HQ is located at:

#170, 11080 50 St. SE

Calgary, Alberta Canada – T2C 5TY

Come say hi and ask for a demo!

We have access to hundreds of colors to ensure that the track matches just right to your home or business.

Yes, we use the exact same materials that are used to build your soffits and gutters. We color match it, bend it, punch it and assemble our Gemstone Lights into the track. The track then sits comfortably up under the soffit nearly perfectly camouflaged and hidden until the lights are turned on.

The control box is a 10 x 10 PVC weatherproof box that is typically mounted on the outside of the house and plugged into an electrical outlet. No direct electrical tie in is required. The exact location will be determined by considering these three criteria:

  • Relatively close proximity to the first light
  • Relatively close proximity to an electrical outlet
  • Within a range of getting a strong WiFi signal from the main modem/ router
To power our Track light system, we mount and use a separate power kit system. It’s a small box that we mount near an electrical outlet (if possible) which provides power and data to the lights. That box is plugged into a normal outlet using a low voltage draw.

Every Gemstone Lights installation will have a color-matched track (matching the soffit or fascia color) with the correct depth to create a flush look to the edge of the fascia. Tracks are designed to point the lights downward which gives the best ambience effect. Each track that is installed will overlap the previous track to create a nice flow that blends in with the home/ business.

Most installed tracks will most likely have corners or bend depending on the house or business shape. All corners will have tight clean installs that will continue the flow of the track which in turn displays the lights in a nice symmetrical flow.

This depends on the size of the house or business, however, most homes are done within a day. During the months of Oct-Dec, with high demand, it can take longer to install due to elements or supply. We strive to install soon after a deposit is made.

Using the depth of the fascia on your home, we will hang it based on that specific depth. This allows us to create a low profile look that blends nicely into your home.
Yes, we install on both wood and aluminum trim. We’ll determine which types of track best suits your home to give it the best appeal. We’ve installed on many homes with wood trim, fascia or soffit. Contact an Authorized Dealer to learn more.