About Forever Lighting

We are proud distributors of Gemstone Lights LEDs for your home customization. Gemstone Lights offer superior brightness, durability, and range of customization for home owners looking to take their outdoor decorating to the next level. 

Our mission is to make home lighting more easily available to homeowners and as hassle-free as possible. Adding a new set of lights to your home and taking them down a few weeks later is no fun for anybody. With Gemstone Lights, you only need one setup to open an entire world of lighting possibilities. You won’t need to worry about replacing your outdoor lights again!

We believe Gemstone Lights provides the best user experience for homeowners with their intuitive UI design and customization options. They are constantly updating their software with new designs and features such as the new and improved pattern builder. The app makes changing your lights so easy that anyone in the family can create beautiful patterns, even your kids!